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Not looking for anything in particular? Go to the poster categories menu and choose which category of posters you would like to see. Each button is an individual presenter. Feel free to click on their names to see their poster and accompanying video presentation.

Some posters may take a moment to load; Refresh your browser if you encounter an image similar to the following:

Image of circles with Loading in middle indicating a poster is taking longer to view

PLEASE NOTE: Some posters contain sensitive research and will only be accessible with UTEP credentials. This was at the request of the Principle Investigator. Use the login menu item to enter your credentials when needed.

Use the "search" box

Looking for a specific presenter by name? Interested in environmental science? Want to see only music presentations? Use the search field near the top right corner. Type in the keyword(s) you are interested in knowing more about. You will then get a list of posters that meet your search criteria.

Interacting with Presenters

You will find a comments section at the bottom of each page, where you can ask questions, give feedback, or say good job. Please enter your information so that you may be notified if there is a reply to your question or comment. You may also subscribe by clicking the subscribe box when entering a question/comment. Fair warning: You will receive an email for each interaction on a page you subscribe to.

Students will be actively responding to questions through April 30th, so feel free to come back to their pages to find the answers to your questions!

Zoom Sessions

Presenters may also have a Zoom session scheduled. The 10 min session time and link will be listed on their page. Questions will be submitted via the chat and moderated by a COURI staff member.

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Use the comments box below and we will do our best to get back to you. If you have Microsoft Teams, you can send a chat to @josepra as well during regular business hours.

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