Simulation models to optimize off-grid microgrids design and operation



One of the challenges in energy systems is the power distribution in remote communities, where the resources are scarce. An off-grid microgrid would be a better alternative to supply power to those communities, provided they are designed considering the resiliency aspect of the system, security, and cost. This research studies different energy systems to develop and operate an off-grid microgrid applying N-1 security analysis in a remote community in Alaska and solving the distributed power and verifying via simulation. A diverse simulator program is used to design, optimize, verify, and solve the current problem in the communities. These simulations are based on previous models and algorithms used in the IEEE test network and a 19-node off-grid system in Alaska. The system uses a diesel generator as the primary energy source. Based on the result, it will determine the next phase of the off-grid microgrid to these communities.

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