Analysis and visualization of national performance measures of El Paso Metropolitan Area infrastructure, traffic congestion, environmental sustainability and freight movement



Transportation bills Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) provide federal guidance on metropolitan planning through the seven National Goals and the ten Metropolitan Planning Factors (MPF). Seven national goals were established in MAP-21 that aim to (1) achieve a reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries; (2) maintain highway infrastructure assess system in a state of good repair; (3) achieve a significant reduction in congestion on the National Highway System (NHS); (4) improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system and the national freight network; (5) enhance the performance of the transportation system while protecting the natural environment; and (6) reduce project delivery delays. The purpose of this study is to analyze El Paso metropolitan area infrastructure, traffic congestion, environmental sustainability, freight movement, and economic vitality following the National Performance Measures using the latest data available. The performance measures will be calculated by exporting the available data into a database and then by filtering such data according to the performance measure that is being analyzed. The performance measures will be incorporated into a web tool that will help decision-makers to make informed decisions regarding the city infrastructure. Preliminary results show that at the moment, the El Paso Metropolitan Area is meeting the targets set for the Performance Measures, which indicates that the infrastructure conditions of the city conform with regulations set by the states of Texas and New Mexico.

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